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Digital Photography of Artwork for Artists
& Collectors

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My sole purpose with Art Shots is digital photography of two and three dimensional artwork and architecture.  If you are looking for pictures of your wedding, pet, kid, or favorite squeeze on a bear-skin rug, there are other photographers who specialize in such things.

Art Shots is the culmination of a life-time's experience in the arts as a sculptor (stone and wood), draughtsman, cartographer (three publications identifying mountain views), printmaker (photo intaglio, mezzotint & dry point), and photographer.  My photographic background includes small, medium and large formats, from the "good old days" of film.

Photographing artwork is a cause as well as a profession for me.  Great images, whether on the page or on the screen, and the means of distributing them are essential to artists who want to actively promote their work.  My charges are well below the industry standard because of my passion for the arts and low overhead by using only digital technology and a large, backyard studio.

Generally, each piece is shot and processed with digital files large enough for high quality, full page publication or portfolio, another tiff sized for printing approx.4X6 images, large jpeg sized for most gallery &/or competition entries, and a jpeg sized to send over the internet. Most other formats are available as specified.  If your work is being shot for a specific gallery or publication, you need to contact them for the size, resolution, and file type they prefer.




Pricing Guidelines

Two Dimensional Artwork:

Pieces delivered to my studio and picked up after 1-3 days--first piece is $25 and each additional piece is $15.  Rush service (same day when possible) double that amount.  Pieces over 5 feet will generally be shot as sculpture. Work shot outside the studio varies with the situation. Processing images using Photoshop will be billed at $45/hour.  First burned disk costs $2, additional disks $5 each.  Captions, see below, can be added for $2 per artwork.


Three Dimensional Artwork:

Three dimensional artwork presents more variables.  Basic cost is $55/hour for work delivered to the studio and picked up 1-3 days later.  Cost for photography outside the studio is $75/hour.  Processing images using Photoshop is $45/hour. Rush service charges will be quoted according to the time constraints and nature of the work.  First burned disk costs $2, additional disks $5 each.  Captions, see below, can be added for $2 per image.


Photography of Collections:

Images of collections for record keeping, publication, promotion &/or insurance purposes will be quoted according to the needs of the client.  My definition of "collection" has been known to go beyond fine art to include such things as tools, coins, nautical equipment, etc.  For record keeping / insurance purposes, each image can include a caption stating "artist, title, medium, size," etc.


NWMC pan
Architectural Photography

Panoramic images, HDR images, QTVR (Quick Time Virtual Reality). Please contact for pricing options.

For more architectural images click on the panoramic image above.






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